The foundation

The bottom line relies on these 2 gifted individuals to get it going and to get it going fast in order for the San Diego Chargers to have a chance at salvaging the season and wining the AFC West.


Monday nights failure to establish the run game in order to open up the passing game was the difference in why they lost. Egos need to be placed aside and the better and good of the team needs to be placed 1st. Re-look at the final 2 quarters and once again as in the Saints loss, again Phillip tried to pass his way out of trouble but created more trouble with the turnovers.
    The run game was again abandoned once the Chargers lost the lead. These are fundamental mistakes that can not be afforded when trying to grab a divisional lead over a division rival. Correct that along with offensive line corrections and San Diego can return to being atop the AFC West again.


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